Today, I was listening to my Jazz Band Masterclass play list, and All Blues by Inga Swearingen started to play. As I listened to the haunting long tones, the thought occured to me that I really need to pay attention to my breath when I sing. And all of the information and techniques from my voice degree came rushing back to me.

Singing jazz is so different than singing classical music, but many of the same techniques can be applied. In fact, jazz is even more difficult because of the need to control vibrato. Tuning is more difficult with vibrato as well.

So, from this point foward, I will be standing, knees slightly bent, breathing deeply and using apporpirate breathing skills when I sing jazz. I’ll bet my pitch issues would be helped by this, too.

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  1. Enjoying your insight into our Jazz Workshop. I too am practicing every day…with intention and a passion to learn how to play the piano better. Getting way from my tendencies to play by ear is most challenging, and needed to move forward. As we improve, and we will, I’m hoping we can get all the band members together for some relaxed practice sessions. See you next time. Terry

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