My assumptions were correct . . .

The breath thing was right on target.

I just returned from a week in Louisville, KY, where I was required to go for my day job. I didn’t get a chance to practice while I was there – no piano, lots of connecting with people, etc. But I listened!

Today, I practiced Meditation and How High the Moon. I identified the intervals that were giving me issues. I went over those intervals with the aid of my piano and my trusty new-best-friend tuner. I practiced the intervals that were giving me difficulty. I found that going down a major third had the worst intonation. So, this week will be sponsored by the downward major third. I will be going over this interval frequently.

I also took some time and added breath marks to my charts. When I practiced, I stood in front of the piano,  and focused on how I was breathing. Once I started breathing correctly, the intonation improved. Imagine that.

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