Happy Fat Tuesday

Last night was Jazz Band Masterclass. Grayling (guitar player) was the only one in abstentia. Too bad – he missed a great rehearsal.

I was able to use some of the breath work that I’ve been doing. It helped tremendously to focus on breathing. We worked on C Jam Blues (aka Duke’s Place). Fred showed us another way of framing it. We did it “street jazz” style . . . a la New Orleans street jazz. It sounded just like Mardi Gras. And I was able to scat with ease. Still working on it, but it’s coming along.

We also worked The Days of Wine and Roses and On Green Dolphin Street. Both felt good. I never realized that On Green Dolphin Street goes between a Latin and a swing style. Very cool. As I listened today, I identified which style was which. Way cool.

So this week, I’ll keep plugging along at the tunes we are working on. Remembering to breath, remembering to listen. Happy Mardi Gras.


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