Chest Voice vs. Head Voice

I’ve been singing for a long, long time. My first solo was when I was five years old, in kindergarden. Our class was singing “Spoon Full of Sugar” from “Mary Poppins.” I was five years old, and my teacher said, “Mary, you have such a pretty voice.” Long story short, I sang by myself for both kindergarden classes. No inhibitions, totally free.

When I went to college, I was still singing with that “pretty” voice. I became classically trained, always singing with support, in my pretty head voice. When I sang with my guitar, same thing. The pretty voice.

Now I sing jazz. I had my first voice lesson tonight with Alison Crockett. Alison was one of the teachers from Maryland Summer Jazz three years ago when I rediscovered this genre. In tonight’s lesson, she had me sing in my chest voice. Say, what? Yes. My chest voice. There was a resonance in my chest when I sang. It’s all so foreign to me now, but I liked it. It’s a lot more gritty than I’m used to.

I’ll be working on “Thou Swell,” and “Just in Time” for the next lesson. It will be in an interesting ride. Hello, chest voice. So happy to meet you . . .

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