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Top Hatters with John Reichart

My dad, John Reichart, doing what he did best and what he loved.

I have been singing ever since I can remember. I have sung in church choirs, camps, family reunions, and open mics. I am always happiest when I sing.

My dad was a jazz trumpet player. He was also my band director in high school. He introduced me to this genre by playing jazz on the stereo in the living room, by taking me to see Ella Fitzgerald when I was 14, and by teaching me to create music from the heart. I didn’t pay much attention at the time, as I was into John Denver and the like.

My college undergraduate degree is in Vocal Music from the University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse, where I was classically trained. Although my family has a rich history in jazz, I never considered singing that genre until recently, when I attended Maryland Summer Jazz. I participated as a vocalist, and from the moment I sang “All Right, OK, You Win,” something inside clicked. All the things I had learned over the years came to fruition. It was amazing.

I moved to Maryland in December of 2009, and in late 2010, I was invited to participate in Jazz Band Masterclass by Jeff Antoniuk. I started attending the classs on Monday nights, led by Fred Hughes. This blog is about what I’m learning – songs, scales, chords, scatting, and everything that goes along with learning to sing jazz. I hope to provide information that others can use in their journey.

Welcome, and enjoy!

Mary Gutwein

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