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Happy Fat Tuesday

Last night was Jazz Band Masterclass. Grayling (guitar player) was the only one in abstentia. Too bad – he missed a great rehearsal. I was able to use some of the breath work that I’ve been doing. It helped tremendously to focus on breathing. We worked on C Jam Blues (aka Duke’s Place). Fred showed […]

My assumptions were correct . . .

The breath thing was right on target. I just returned from a week in Louisville, KY, where I was required to go for my day job. I didn’t get a chance to practice while I was there – no piano, lots of connecting with people, etc. But I listened! Today, I practiced Meditation and How […]


Today, I was listening to my Jazz Band Masterclass play list, and All Blues by Inga Swearingen started to play. As I listened to the haunting long tones, the thought occured to me that I really need to pay attention to my breath when I sing. And all of the information and techniques from my […]

Staying in Tune

Last week, I took advantage of technology, and decided to record myself singing “My Funny Valentine” over a track from the iRealBook. Boy, was I in for a surprise. Turns out that the perfect pitch ear that I had umpteen years ago has also gotten rusty. I was surprised at how many notes were just […]

Getting to Carnegie Hall

My dad was a jazz trumpet player, and he always told the Carnegie Hall joke. You know the one. A man was walking down a New York street, and came upon a street musician. He asked the musician, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” The musician replied, “Practice, Man, Practice!” When I first started […]